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Lumen Stick & Ring Light:Colorful photo shoots at home too!

Lumen Stick & Ringlicht: Farbenfrohe Fotoshootings auch zu Hause!

Anna Münzebrock |

Creative photo locations are hard to find at the moment, so you have to do something different with a little creativity. For example with the space that you already have, namely with your own apartment. We recently suggested two more ideas for new types of shoots, from ours Photographer Seb Nagel from Kaiserslautern. Want another idea? Here it is..

Fotoshooting mit dem Lumen Stick und Ringlicht

camera focal length cover shutter ISO
Sony A7 50mm 2.8 1/160 200

For this shoot, the model and Playmate wanted Julia Rommelt and professional photographer Seb Nagel one from Kaiserslautern Shooting idea with water implement something that the two of them had had in mind for a long time.

„Since it was too cold for a lake and the indoor pools are currently closed, we decided to add another one Shooting in the bathroom my apartment, explains Seb Nagel. Julia posed in the bathtub while I put her in the right light with my equipment.e.“

Fotoshooting Rollei Lumen Stich und Ringlicht

camera focal length cover shutter ISO
Sony A7 50mm Figure 1: 3.2
Image 2: 2.8
1/160 200

construction and equipment

For this picture Seb Nagel has the Splittone technique applied. This means that one or multiple shades to be pasted into the picture to it more interesting to the eye close. For example in the highlights or the shadows of an image.

In this case has nail for the splittones our Lumen Sticks used. He made one of them glow orange and one blue. To brighten up the room overall afterwards, he has ours Lumens RGB ring used. I used it as a passive light source, so to speak, he explains. er.

Note: Please note that the Lumen Stick RGB shown in the photos is the previous version without an integrated and non-removable handle. The technical specifications of the new model with integrated handle are identical. You can use the new Lumen Stick RGB for a shoot in the same way as described and shown here.

Rollei Lumen Stick und Ringlicht

You also implemented a creative photo shoot. Then please tag us with the hashtag #rolleicreate on Instagram and show us your pictures.


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