Fotoshoot mit den Lumen Sticks

Kleiner Aufwand – große Wirkung. Fotoshoot mit den Lumen Sticks

Dass wir unsere Lumen Sticks auf den Markt gebracht haben, ist noch gar nicht lange her und schon jetzt erreichen uns bombastische Fotos, auf denen die LED-Leuchten eindrucksvoll eingesetzt werden,

The final photo

Shooting Lumen Sticks LED-LichtThat we ourLumen Sticks on the market was not long ago and we are already receiving bombastic photos in which the LED lights are used impressively.

Simple means clever implementationg

The following pictures, for example, were sent to us by photographer Max Brandt from Hamburg (Instagram: @maximilianbrandt_). All in all, he implemented them with simple means but absolutely cleverly..

Asia, shopping district, car?

The picture, in which the model is lost in thought, drinking a soda, evokes various associations. Is the young woman standing in an Asian shopping district in the evening? Has it just rained? Is the photo taken from the car?rt?

no Much better. It came about as follows.


The photo was not taken in Asia, but in a makeshift photo studio in Hamburg, as Maximilian tells us. In addition to our lumen sticks, other individual parts were required. The final image was also refined a bit with Photoshop so that the characters can be seen in the photo. We list here which individual parts Maximilian still needed for this impressive picture.

plexiglass plate

To simulate a car window through which the picture was allegedly shot, Maximilian used a Plexiglas plate and wooden holders. Overall, it's a bit cheaper than flying to Tokyo.

Lumen Sticks

OurLumen Sticks he then placed to the left and right of the model. In doing so, he gave the image the feel of a shopping district, with brightly colored neon signs illuminating the otherwise dark surroundings.


Maximilianlamp stands deployed. The model can pose freely and adjustments can be made during the shoot without any problems.

steady light

An octabox was also used to set light accents. This shaded the right side of the model's face and enhanced the turquoise color of her hair. In order to be able to align the light, Maximilian also used a grid (honeycomb).

spray bottle

A normal spray bottle filled with water was enough for the raindrops on the car window. Of course, the spraying depends on the intensity of the rain to be displayed.ens.

Shooting Wassertropfen Lumen Sticks


Once the preparation of the accessories and the ideas for the motif are finished, the shoot can finally begin. Depending on the motif, you can see the color of the lumen sticks in the picture, but not the sticks themselves. After the shoot, you can of course refine it with Photoshop.

Shooting Lumen Sticks Behind the Scene


camera lens cover shutter ISO
Panasonic GH5 Sigma Art 50-100mm 1.8mm 2.8 1/250 800

Rollei Lumen App


OurLumen Sticks can be set manually on the device, but also with the Lumen App from Rollei. You can easily set colors, intensities and gradients with your smartphone without having to put the camera down first.




Shooting Lumen Sticks Behind the Scene



…and here comes the refinement. Photoshop isn't a must, of course, but it can definitely advance an image. In this case, some details have been worked out a little more. These include, for example, the model's eyebrows, lips or iris. But the Asian lettering was also placed over the original and the transition made transparent.

Shooting Bildbearbeitung Photoshop

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