Tarnung in der Wildlife-Fotografie mit dem Lion Rock Camouflage Edition

Camouflage in wildlife photography with the Lion Rock Camouflage Edition

Nature and animal photography is one of the photographic disciplines that demands the most from photographers. Great patience, endurance in the heat or cold, and expensive equipment are integral parts of wildlife photography. The nature photographer Mario Genz, who lives on the island of Rügen, is happy to take on these hurdles and is rewarded with amazing shots of local wild animals.
Ansitz-Fotografie mit dem Lion Rock Gimbal L

Hide photography with the Lion Rock Gimbal L

In a cooperation with Rollei, photographer Daniel Spohn had the opportunity to test the tripod head Lion Rock gimbal head L in practice. In this article you can find out how the photographer went about his work and what experiences he had with the Lion Rock tripod head.
Fotoliner Ocean L im Praxistest

Fotoliner Ocean L in a practical test

Sina and Jan, the photographer couple from the Lights of the World travel blog, had the opportunity to put the Fotoliner Ocean L through its paces in practice at the launch of our new Fotoliner Ocean series. In this blog post you will learn all the details about the test, as well as the experiences of the travel photographers.
Der neue Wireless Fernauslöser von Rollei im Praxistest bei Stephan Wiesner!

The new wireless remote release from Rollei being tested by Stephan Wiesner!

A picture is worth a thousand words. This time, photographer Stephan Wiesner is testing a practical tool that should not be missing from any photo equipment, especially for long exposures and timelapse photography. To do this, the professional photographer went to the Elbe in Hamburg to subject the new equipment to a professional functional test in the face of the Philharmonie.
Das neue Viltrox 24 mm Objektiv im Vergleichstest!

The new Viltrox 24 mm lens in a comparison test!

Photographer Stephan Wiesner took a close look at our lens on his YouTube channel and put it through its paces in a direct comparison with the Sony GMaster. In the video you can find out how well the Viltrox lens performs against the much more expensive lens and what surprising findings he made.
Fotorucksack aus Plastikflaschen? <br />Der neue Fotoliner Ocean M!

Photo backpack made of plastic bottles?
The new photo liner Ocean M!

In his contribution, which takes place in the forest, Alessandro goes into the dimensions of the backpack , for example, which are shown to their best advantage in the video. The reason for this is that Alessandro presents the backpack on a bench while he himself sits next to it and this way you have a pretty good size comparison.
Fotoliner Ocean Rucksack L

Photographer Tobias Hoiten tests our new one
Photoliner Ocean L

Our new"Fotoliner Ocean"backpacks are not only made from recycled plastic bottles, they also have many other great features that are useful for photographers on trips. One of the larger models is the photo liner Ocean in size L, which we had photographer Tobias Hoiten test in advance.
Stephan Wiesner Video Studioblitz-Test

Studio flash test:Stephan Wiesner tests the Rollei HS Freeze 6s

Stephan Wiesner is a well-known and popular photographer from Lower Saxony who has many followers on social networks. The reason for this is, among other things, that the photography teacher's contributions are not only rock-solid, but also absolutely humorous. In his new post he tested our new battery flash Freeze 6s .
GND- & ND Filter Test mit Stephan Wiesner

GND & ND filter test:Stephan Wiesner tests the F:X Pro rectangular filters

Photographer Stephan Wiesner specializes in landscape photography and is known for his photos and explanatory videos on YouTube, Instagram and his blog. Now he has tested our Rollei F:X Pro (ND filter and gray gradient filter) and published an informative video about it on YouTube.