Rollei Dauerlicht Soluna II-60

Video: Das neue Dauerlicht Soluna II-60

Ganz frisch auf den Markt gekommen ist das brandneue Rollei-Dauerlicht namens Soluna II-60, das vorab von Fotograf Frank Fischer getestet wurde. Für uns hat Fischer – der auch als Fototrainer arbeitet – ein kleines Video angefertigt, in dem er von seinen Erfahrungen berichtet, die er mit dem Dauerlicht bei einer Fotoreise in Venedig gemacht hat.

Photographer Frank Fischer in the video: That's what the new Soluna II-60 can do

The brand new has just come onto the market Rollei permanent light called Soluna II-60 , which was tested in advance by photographer Frank Fischer.
Fischer, who also works as a photo trainer, made a small video for us in which he reports on his experiences with the continuous light during a photo trip in Venice.t. 

Soluna under the magnifying glass

As he explains in the video, Fischer is enthusiastic about the handiness , to the  light weight and also that Bowens connector of continuous light .
He also carefully examines the Soluna piece by piece so that you, as our customer, get a particularly good picture of the possibilities it offers you.

Precise regulation of the brightness

Another point that Frank Fischer is absolutely convinced of in the video is the possibility thatsteady light to regulate its brightness with pinpoint accuracy, namely in 1 percent increments. This can be useful, for example, if you want to film or take photos with a very open aperture and only want to set a small light accent.l.
What other benefits Soluna II-60 brings, you can see in the video. Have fun!

Soluna II-60 Dauerlicht

Blog post: On the road in Venice with the new permanent light Soluna II-60

Photographer Frank Fischer was with the RolleiSoluna 60 II traveling in Venice. He tells us how he used the continuous light in the different setups.

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