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Rollei präsentiert zwei neue Premium-Rundfilter: ND2000 und ND4000

Die Rollei-Familie der stabilen Filter aus robustem Gorilla®-Glas bekommt zwei neue Mitglieder. Die neuen Rundfilter ND2000 und ND4000 überzeugen mit höchster Farbtreue und extrem verminderten Reflexionen.
Rollei baut Angebot der Lumen-Serie weiter aus Reading Rollei präsentiert zwei neue Premium-Rundfilter: ND2000 und ND4000 2 minutes Further Neue Rundfilter in kleinen Größen von Rollei

Perfect for landscape and architectural photography

The Rollei family of stable filters made from robust Gorilla Glass is getting two new members. The new round filters ND2000 and ND4000 impress with the highest color fidelity and extremely reduced reflections..

Hamburg/Norderstedt, August 25, 2020 Rollei is expanding its range with two more round filters: ND2000 (11 stops / 3.3) and ND4000 (12 stops / 3.6). The two neutral density filter are particularly suitable for Landscape and architectural photography , as they beautifully soften clouds and water and make unwanted, moving elements in an image disappear, such as people in a busy square.

Like all Premium round filter from Rollei The two new models are also made of extremely robust Gorilla glass, which is extremely hard-wearing, has high light transmission and prevents optical distortions. In addition, the filters are provided with the special Luminance Coating, which offers the highest color fidelity and the lowest reflections. Both newen screw filter are ideal for outdoor use.

The two new filters are available in the sizes 67 mm, 72 mm, 77 mm and 82 mm. For the launch of the ND filter Rollei offers the unbeatable introductory price of 29.09 (RRP 67.89).).

All Rollei filters are Engineered & Quality Controlled In Germany and therefore adhere to strict technical specifications, which are the result of special measuring methods and individual quality controls. The Rollei Premium line includes ND filters, polarizing filters and protective UV filters. The entire round filter range can be found at https://www.rollei.de/foto-filter/schraubfilter.n.


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Graufiter ND4000 Anwendungsbeispiel

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