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V mount battery 60 WhV mount battery 60 Wh
RolleiV mount battery 60 Wh
price offer68,00 € Regular price79,00 €
RolleiV mount battery 120 Wh
price offer99,00 €
RolleiV mount battery 180 Wh
price offer149,00 €
RolleiNP-F550 ProWhite
price offer19,99 €
RolleiNP-F750 ProWhite
price offer29,99 €
RolleiNP-F970 ProWhite
price offer39,99 €
Available Soon
Battery type Sony NP-F750Battery type Sony NP-F750
RolleiBattery type Sony NP-F750
price offer24,99 €
Bundle 2x battery type Sony NP-F960 incl. chargerBundle 2x battery type Sony NP-F960 incl. charger
RolleiBundle 2x battery type Sony NP-F960 incl. charger
price offer68,00 € Regular price79,97 €
RolleiBattery type Sony NP-F960
price offer29,99 €
Bundle 2x battery NP-F980 plus incl. chargerBundle 2x battery NP-F980 plus incl. charger
RolleiBundle 2x battery NP-F980 plus incl. charger
price offer78,00 € Regular price89,97 €
RolleiBattery NP-F980 plus
price offer49,00 €
Available Soon
NP-F adapter for Candela 60/100NP-F adapter for Candela 60/100
Available Soon
V-mount adapter for Candela 60/100V-mount adapter for Candela 60/100
V-mount battery adapter for Soluna 80 & 120V-mount battery adapter for Soluna 80 & 120
RolleiV-mount battery adapter for Soluna 80 & 120
price offer15,00 € Regular price49,99 €
RolleiV-mount battery charger J2
price offer29,99 €
RolleiMini cold shoe adapter head
price offer29,99 €
Rollei Licht Multifunktionaler Zubehör-Neiger für LED LeuchtenRollei Licht Multifunktionaler Zubehör-Neiger für LED Leuchten
RolleiMultifunctional accessory head for LED lights
price offer14,99 € Regular price19,99 €
Rollei Reflektor Zubehör Optischer Fokus-Spotvorsatz für LED-LichterRollei Reflektor Zubehör Optischer Fokus-Spotvorsatz für LED-Lichter
RolleiOptical focus spot attachment for LED lights
price offer288,00 € Regular price399,00 €


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LED accessories - the best light in all situations
In photography and also when creating videos, one element always plays the main role, because without it a shot would not be possible at all: the light. Fortunately, today there are numerous ways in which artificial light can be used to simulate almost any lighting situation within a short time in a deceptively real way. The most innovative technology in terms of artificial light today makes use of the numerous advantages of LEDs. These are amazingly economical and, with their high luminous intensity and the adaptability of colours, saturations and color temperature, are more than just an alternative to classic artificial light.

With LED light, accessories are an important factor, because unrestricted work on location or in the studio is only possible with the right additions. The LED continuous light accessories also include the numerous light shapers, which can be quickly and easily attached to the light source in many variants thanks to the appropriate bayonet. The LED lighting accessories support filmmakers in particular in realizing their creative ideas. The light makes a decisive contribution to the effect of a scene and only with the right LED accessories is it possible to attach the light sources in the right place or to operate them independently of the mains power supply.

Permanent light and accessories the secret of successful productionsn

The versatility of LED panels and accessories for LEDs lies in the use of the latest technologies. Thanks to powerful rechargeable batteries, which can be easily attached to the light sources using innovative brackets, photographers and filmmakers can now create the same lighting conditions outside as in a studio.
Of course, a good LED panel accessory not only includes things that relate to the performance of the light sources, but also practical utensils that are able to make daily use significantly easier. The best example of this are custom-fit bags that ensure that all utensils always arrive in the best condition undamaged at the location of the recording or photo shoot.

Light shapers are the key to creative lightingg

For the photo, steady light accessories are irreplaceable because they are the best way to bring your creative visions to life. Light shapers such as soft boxes, octa boxes or beauty dishes ensure that a scene is perfectly illuminated. LED accessories are becoming more and more popular in the field of photography because, in contrast to flashlight, they show exactly how the light affects the scene during the composition of the picture. With analogue photography, which is becoming more popular again, there is no alternative to using continuous light if photographers want to assess exactly how the lighting mood affects the finished negative or positive.

LED lights and accessories in the online shop

With just a few additions to your gear, it's possible to take your lighting to the next level. The steady light accessory helps to ensure that any type of scene can be properly illuminated or that photographs represent the right mood. More power, more precise light shapers and more diverse applications guarantee that professional shots and shoots can be accomplished in no time at all.

- even more application possibilities for innovative LEDs
- in the usual high quality
- best support for filming and photoshoots
- high-quality workmanship and maximum resilience