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RolleiComfort Selfie Stick
price offer14,99 €
Creator Grip - Mini TripodCreator Grip - Mini Tripod
RolleiCreator Grip - Mini Tripod
price offer29,99 € Regular price49,99 €
Available Soon
Rollei Stative Comfort Desktop - Ministativ mit KugelkopfRollei Stative Comfort Desktop - Ministativ mit Kugelkopf
RolleiComfort desktop - mini tripod with ball head
price offer9,99 € Regular price24,98 €
Comfort Vlogging KitRollei Equipment Comfort Vlogging Kit
RolleiComfort Vlogging Kit
price offer6,00 € Regular price39,99 €


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Taking photos with selfie equipment

The Selfie accessories from Rollei are very easy to use. The smartphone or tablet is simply clamped into the device. Selfie Stick and Floating Tripod are held in the hand as a hand stand. Via Bluetooth or integrated joystick and free smartphone app, the photo or video with a unique perspective can be easily triggered.

What should you look out for when buying your Selfie accessories?

  • Weight: A low weight enables better handling when taking photos.
  • Material: The selfie equipment should be light and at the same time robust and stable. High-quality models made of aluminum meet these requirements.
  • Load capacity: Check the possible load capacity of your selfie equipment. Some product types offer the option of attaching cameras using additional threads or clamping devices. In this case the load should not be exceeded.
  • Compatibility: Check the compatibility of Bluetooth remote releases with the operating system of your smartphone or tablet. Many Rollei Selfie Accessories products support the Apple operating system from iOS 5.0 and Android 2.3.6 or higher.