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RolleiLion Rock tripod head 20
price offer€249,00 EUR
RolleiTripod head Lion Rock 25
price offer€299,00 EUR
RolleiBall head T2S Mark III
price offer€69,99 EUR
RolleiBall head T3S Mark III
price offer€79,99 EUR
RolleiBall head T5S Mark III
price offer€89,99 EUR
RolleiBall head T7S Mark III
price offer€99,99 EUR
RolleiBall head T8S Mark III
price offer€99,99 EUR
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Rollei Stative Kugelkopf Compact Traveler No 1 CarbonRollei Stative Kugelkopf Compact Traveler No 1 Carbon
RolleiBall head C5i
price offer€34,99 EUR
RolleiBall head C6i
price offer€39,99 EUR
RolleiV5i video fluid head
price offer€29,99 EUR
RolleiVH-6 fluid video head
price offer€129,00 EUR
RolleiVH-9 fluid video head
price offer€169,00 EUR
Rollei Stative Lion Rock Gimbalkopf MRollei Stative Lion Rock Gimbalkopf M
RolleiLion Rock Gimbal Head M
price offer€349,00 EUR Regular price€399,00 EUR
Rollei Stative Lion Rock GimbalkopfRollei Stative Lion Rock Gimbalkopf
RolleiLion Rock Gimbal Head L
price offer€449,00 EUR Regular price€499,00 EUR
Rollei Stativkopf Panoramakopf 200 Mark II "updated Version"Rollei Stativkopf Panoramakopf 200 Mark II "updated Version"
RolleiPanorama head 200 Mark II"updated version"
price offer€129,00 EUR Regular price€149,99 EUR
Rolleimacro slide
price offer€99,99 EUR
RolleiNodal slide 140
price offer€49,99 EUR
Rolleileveling head
price offer€79,99 EUR


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Rollei tripod heads

Besides a tripod, the tripod head often receives too little attention. This is enormously important for professional photographers, as they work with particular precision and accurate alignment of the camera is of great importance. A distinction is made between the ball head, panorama head and the video head

Ball head from Rollei

The most used tripod heads are the ball heads. Once adjusted to the weight of the camera, they can be used quickly. Ball heads from Rollei are suitable for every shooting scenario, whether portrait, landscape or action photography. Thanks to a quick-release plate, the camera can also be quickly released from the tripod or reattached. With spirit levels and a scale for panoramic shots, the Rollei ball head is also highly versatile. Furthermore, it is possible to lock a ball head in all directions.

Use the panorama head from Rollei as a tripod head

A panoramic shot often requires subsequent corrections to make the overlapping images look the same. To avoid this ending up in an unsolvable task, special tripod heads are required for this purpose. The correct nodal point for panoramic shots depends on the camera and the lens used. The adjustable carriage on the panorama head allows the camera to be rotated precisely on the tripod head, resulting in seamless panoramic images.

Using Rollei video head as tripod head

Video heads are particularly suitable as tripod heads for video recordings. The video head also allows the attachment of further accessories. It also allows soft panning for smooth movements - without jerking. The tripod head can be adjusted just as firmly for precise still shots.

Special tripod heads from Rollei: Gimbal

Those who are at home in wildlife photography, or in nature photography in general, often have particularly large telephoto lenses in their equipment.

Because the long focal length of the lenses enables you to photograph animals that are further away. This is especially true for so-called "Ansitzfotografie", where shy game is often photographed.

But also in sports photography one is often very far away from the action, so that heavy lenses are often mandatory.

Of course, these telephoto lenses including camera have a relatively high weight. Therefore you should at least add sturdy tripods and quick-release plates to your accessories to get a halfway good photo.

Useful accessories for moving objects

But that alone is not enough. Animals and athletes move naturally, so you would be forced to change your tripod and also the large lenses mounted on it again and again as soon as the subject has changed.

That is why such a tripod head should also have a swivel arm, so that in nature photography, for example, you can also keep an animal in view that is moving continuously.

Even better pictures can be achieved if you use not only sturdy tripods but also a high-quality gimbal tripod head. Ideally, it can handle the sometimes heavy weight it carries due to its workmanship and the materials used.