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Magnetische Rundfilter - Graufilter-Set von Rollei


F:X Pro Round Filter - Magnetic ND Filter Set

With our magnetic ND filter set the F:X Pro series you get a comprehensive Round filter set consisting of four ND filters of strength ND8, ND64, ND1000 and ND2000 as well as one circular polarizing filter (CPL filter). With these five filters you are well prepared for a wide variety of photographic challenges. And the best thing about it: thanks to the magnetic mounts, you can swap the filters with one another extremely quickly and flexibly.
This is available Magnetic F:X Pro ND Filter Set in different diameters.

Magnetische Rundfilter für kreative Shooting-Ideen 


Filter photography without tedious screwing

With the magnetic filter set simply change the filters included in the set. To do this, screw the included magnetic adapter ring on your lens. This can remain screwed to your lens without having to be screwed again. After that is the Changing the filters very simple: simply place the desired filter on the adapter ring and start photographing. the magnetic socket keeps the filter reliable. Of course, the filters also hold each other, so very easy multiple filters on the lens can be set and quickly exchanged. Next to the ND filters you can of course also use the one included in the set CPL filter simply combine with the other filters. round filter photography without tedious screwing filter change with our magnetic F:X Pro ND Filter Set.

For easy transport, the round filter just about the magnets be plugged together. The two caps included in the set protect the outer filters. So you have everything safely packed and still handy.


 Einfache Handhabung - Nie wieder Filter schrauben!Pictured camera and lensNot included!


Possible use of the filters included in the set

The comparatively moderate one ND8 round filter you can use it to compensate for slight overexposure, to gently smooth water surfaces or to create delicate wiping effects.

With the 6 stops of the ND64 round filter Even longer exposure times can be achieved, which, for example, transform waves into almost mirror-smooth surfaces and make unwanted people, vehicles or animals disappear from architectural photos.

With the strong ND1000 filter (10 stops) less than 0.1 percent of the incident light reaches the sensor of your DSLR or DSLM camera. Use the ND1000 with an optical density of 3.0 for demanding and complex long exposures, complex landscape and building shots or for special wiping effects.

Of the ND2000 filter (11 stops) is even stronger than the ND1000 filter. With an optical density of 3.3, it lets even less light through the lens onto the sensor of your DSLR or DSLM camera. This filter comes into play with subjects where particularly long long exposures be aimed at.

With the magnetic CPL filter intensify colors and contrasts and minimize reflections on non-metallic surfaces, such as window panes or water surfaces. The CPL filter also ensures higher contrast and better differentiation. In addition, the magnetic CPL filters has no thread to attach it to the lens. The magnetic mount holds it to the lens all by itself. With the nice side effect that the CPL filter can no longer unintentionally detach from the lens or turn too tight if it is adjusted for the subject and the mount is accidentally turned.

All four ND filter together with the various possible combinations open the door to extreme filter photography . And with the possibility of combining the CPL filters rediscover landscape photography.

Vergleich ND8 - ND64 - ND1000 und ND2000 magnetisches Rundfilter-SetDer im Set enthaltene magnetische CPL-Filter sorgt für intensive Farben und reduziert Spiegelungen


The round filter series F:X Pro

Like all F:X Pro series filters we also have the filters of the magnetic F:X Pro ND filter sets with the one we developed F:X Pro Coating which ensures that your images are always razor-sharp, even with extremely high-resolution 150-megapixel cameras. Also lies the freedom from reflection our F:X Pro filter at 99.5 percent. With these filters, you get exemplary color fidelity and display your subject lifelike. 

In order to be able to offer you products that you will enjoy for a long time, our filters are made of Gorilla* Glasss . It is legendary thanks to a special manufacturing process resistant and at the same time guarantees extremely high light transmission and color neutrality . Our anti-scratch layer gives the filter glass its final hardness against mechanical influences and ensures that dirt from grease, water or mud can be removed quickly and easily.

But not only scratch resistant are our filters but also temperature resistant . We tested this under the highest quality standards in scorching heat and also in the freezing cold. In short: They are the best filters we have ever built.

Anwendung Magnetischer Rundfilter von Rollei


*Note: Gorilla Glass is a registered trademark of the Corning company and is used by us for our filters. All rights to the name belong to the Corning company.g.
Technical specifications
Type of filter:
round filter
Product line: F:X Pro
Optical density: ND8: 0.9
ND64: 1.8
ND1000: 3
ND2000: 3.3
F-stop reduction: ND8: 3 stops
ND64: 6 stops
ND1000: 10 stops
ND2000: 11 stops
CPL: 1 stop
transmittance: ND8: 12.5%
ND64: 1.563%
ND1000: 0.098%
ND2000: 0.049%
Material: Glass
frame material: aluminum
Further equipment: Magnetic sockets, two caps for safe transport, magnetic adapter ring
Available in Ø: 62, 67, 72, 77, 82mm
Weight: Ø 62mm: 122g
Ø 67mm: 134g
Ø 72mm: 154g
Ø 77mm: 170g
Ø 82mm: 187g



*Gorilla-Glass is a protected word mark of the company Corning and is used by us for our filters, all rights to the name belong to the company Corning.. 

scope of delivery
  • 1x F:X Pro Magnetic Round Filter ND8
  • 1xF:X Pro magnetic round filterND64
  • 1xF:X Pro magnetic round filterND1000
  • 1xF:X Pro magnetic round filterND2000
  • 1xF:X Pro magnetic round filtercpl
  • 1x magnetic adapter ring
  • 1x magnetic front cover
  • 1x rear cover with screw thread

F:X Pro magnetisches Rundfilter-Set ND-Filter Lieferumfang

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