Unistellar Smart Solar Filters
Unistellar Smart Solar Filters
Unistellar Smart Solar Filters
Unistellar Smart Solar Filters

Unistellar Smart Solar Filters

price offer249,00 €UVP
🔸Compatible with:eVscope, eVscope2, eQuinox, eQuinox 2
Expected start of delivery:From September

Unistellar Sonnenfilter

Unistellar solar filter

With the Smart Solar Filters can you do that Sun after just two minutes of preparation, sure with one Unistellar Telescope regard.

The walkthrough includes one especially for Unistellar telescopes developed Polymer film solar filters , which reduces the brightness of sunlight by a factor of 100,000, and a special one Sun mode in the Unistellar app , with which the sun can be viewed safely with unprecedented clarity.

Die Sonne per App mit dem Unistellar-Sonnenfilter und Unistellar-Teleskop betrachten


How it works::

  1. Set up the telescope on the tripod towards the sun.
  2. Remove the telescope dust cap and immediately install the solar filter.
  3. Connect the telescope to your smartphone and start the Unistellar app
  4. Select the sun in the gallery and click the Goto button to automatically align and track the sun.
  5. Enjoy your observation

The delivery of the filter will start in September!

Important note from the manufacturer:

Unistellar reminds you that it is never safe to look at the sun with the naked eye or point your telescope at the sun without a solar filter. It is also forbidden to remove the solar filter during solar observation.

Unistellar guarantees safe solar observation only with the Unistellar Smart Solar Filter and only when used properly. If a user damages the telescope while observing the sun, Unistellar will not repair it. This is an abusive use of the solar filter. The user can contact Unistellar to repair the sensor at their own expense. If a user breaks the solar filter, Unistellar cannot repair it.

Technical specifications
target sun: In the Unistellar app
Sun tracking: In the Unistellar app
Filter Type: white light filter
Light Reduction: 100,000
Neutral Density: 5
Material: polymer, plastic
Diameter bracket: 143mm
Diameter filter foil: 116mm
Weight: 250 g
Compatibility: eVscope,eVscope2,
equinox,eQuinox 2
scope of delivery
  • 1x Unistellar Smart Solar Filter
  • 1x protective cover